Which party in Punjab will be looser from the rise of AAM AADMI PARTY in Punjab during Lok Sabha polls ?

Posted on:18 Apr 2014

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harnek (mohali,punjab,India)

* The chances of Er Balbir Singh Jawala from ferozepur constituency as AAP candidate would be bright Er Balbir Singh Jawala whose chances of getting ticket from ferozepur constituency from aap are bright . Er Balbir Singh Jawala is the most suitable candidate from ferozepur in aspects of honesty ,truthfuless ,clean life and free of cost 32 years SEVA of aam admi of ferozepur constituency which is one of the the biggest criteria for ticket of loksabha . Er Balbir Singh Jawala is the only person who can compete Sardar Sher Singh Ghubya from ferozepur over any other person from any where from this world . As when ever we talk about rai sikh community the first name which comes in our mind is Er Balbir Singh Jawala . MAIN POINTS 1) Can win 2) Had been 100% honest during 20 yr. service as Bio Medical Engineer PGI, Chandigarh.(took pre mature retirement for the Sewa of Public) 3) 100% follower of AAP ideology. 4) Engineer Graduate from PEC (Punjab Engineering College) Chandigarh. 5) Grand son of freedom fighter “Gadri Baba Wadhava Singh Wadwal” 6) Long Sewa carrier in medical and education field (over 10000 lives saved/beautified) 7) Intensive research and working on the sociology, geo politics, upliftment of downtrodden and disaster management in the region. 8) No. 1 leader and founder of All India Rai Sikh Student Union (AIRMASU). 9) Was responsible for the victory of MLA’s and MP’s in the area due to my meticulously detailed network of voters and volunteers.

H.S. (Mohali/Moga,punjab,India)

Balli Ji, We would ever remain indebted to you and your team for the untiring efforts and endeavor put into this dynamic journalism.. We always wonder how you manage to get latest news backed by authentic documents..its really wonderful Keep it up..and all the best wishes for New Year

satvinder (patiala,punjab,India)

respected sir, i was on your neighbor seat yesterday instead of 6 Ps, m also agree with yor point of advertisement and pornography which pollute young minds. but i also want to share you that in each and every article related to women issues the first line is "women is half of the world population" but only .5 to 1 per cent of glamour dolls pretend to show the image of women and people are ready to accept. it is the issue of deterioration of dignity of women in the society. there is a ad on whisky in which by each and every sip of whisly the top of women started disappear and the slogan is "kujh bhi ho skta hai" . similarly movies like grand masti which passed by censor are also create danger in the society related to cultural and value terams. there is need to finish gender gap in the society,. boys and girls look each other as alliens as they do not understand opposite sex and so they attracted. from the begining in the school, there create rows of boys and girls seprately. if we do not understand opposite sex we will not respect them, there is need to reduce this .

Harjinder (Mohali,Punjab,India)

Congratulations Sir, It is a big achievement. In coming days people will relies the power of online journalism. Thanks H. S. Bhatti

Major Pardeep K (MOGA,PUNJAB,India)

A fantastic work! a great portal with international standards. Proud of U , BALLI Sir. Wish YOU a great success! Maj Pardeep K Shinh

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